Customer Development

Engage with current and prospective customers to improve your product offering, value proposition, and messaging.


Working with Eagle View Strategy principal, Eric Malis, a B2B AI/IoT company increased its pilot closure rate by 4x.


Eric helped a B2B AI/IoT company better understand its target market and increase its pilot closure rate by 4x. The company was struggling to close paid pilots with new accounts, despite prospects showing initial interest. Eric joined the company in multiple sales calls and trade shows and identified gaps between prospects' underserved automation needs and how the company communicated the benefits of its software. Working closely with the CEO, COO, VP of sales, and VP of engineering, Eric helped the team refine its product design and value proposition from a feature-centric approach to one that zeroed in on customers’ chief concerns of reliability and integration. The company increased its pilot closure rate by 4x in six months.


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