Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency among teams by leveraging agile principles and new technologies to optimize business processes.


Working with Eagle View Strategy principal, Eric Malis, a B2B SaaS company restructured its go-to-market process.


Eric helped a B2B SaaS company restructure its process to introduce new products and features to the market. The company was looking to eliminate roadblocks and inefficiencies that developed as it transitioned from having established product-market fit in a single market to engaging customers in new verticals. Eric interviewed multiple internal stakeholders to identify objectives, processes, and challenges. He then proposed improved operating models that allowed product, sales, and customer success teams to implement feedback loops and operate concurrently rather than in a fractured, waterfall approach. He also worked with team leaders to implement the new approach, while helping identify and eliminate friction points in real time. These operating efficiencies enabled the company to decrease its average go-to-market timeline for new products and features by six months.


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