Our Services

We provides curated services, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. In some cases we act as advisors to CEOs and corporate boards, while in other cases we integrate with teams to support project management and execution. Click the services below to see examples of how Eagle View Strategy principal, Eric Malis, has helped emerging companies grow faster and succeed at scale.


Engage with current and prospective customers to improve your product offering, value proposition, and messaging.



Develop new business models and strategic relationships that align with your customers' perception of value and support growth at scale.



Identify and pursue opportunities for growth and market expansion using data-driven decision-making.



Improve operational efficiency among teams by leveraging agile principles and new technologies to optimize business processes.



Raise capital at targeted intervals by planning operational needs, running an efficient process, and mastering storytelling.



Align team members on objectives and processes by establishing clear communication channels and prioritizing culture.



Our Fees

We have a flexible fee structure. We may offer services on a subscription, project-based, or hourly model, depending on what works best for the client. We may also defer fees in certain cases, such as a pending financing transaction or acquisition.








As a strategic advisor, general counsel, and angel investor, Eric Malis has worked with emerging companies in varying stages from seed to exit and in a wide range of industries, including the following.



Artificial intelligence and machine learning



Biotech and life sciences






Consumer products and services



E-commerce and retail









Fintech and financial services



Professional services



Real estate and hospitality



Social impact and diversity, equity, and inclusion



Web3 and blockchain



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